What Our Girls Say


Year 11, Assistant Head Girl

Hello, my name is Ime, as Assistant Head Girl, I feel so privileged to be taking on a role that I have always looked up to and one which has helped me to become a more active member of our school community.

Ricards Lodge High School has supported me, and other students alike, in becoming more confident individuals and in making strong academic progress.

The celebration of achievements at Ricards Lodge is something that I find amazing and inspiring, as the recognition of the progress made by students has definitely developed the support I show to others.

Ricards Lodge has always been a school that prides itself on equality by accepting and celebrating individual differences and giving all students the opportunity to develop and showcase their talents and interests.

One of the things I most enjoy about being a student at Ricards Lodge is the variety of extra-curricular activities that are available and the fact that the integration of year groups outside of lessons has enabled me to meet and socialise with other students.

Personally, I have always taken a keen interest in the clubs run by the Music, Dance and P.E Departments (in particular) as a member of Choir, STEP Into Dance and the Borough Athletics team.

Through these extra-curricular activities I have competed and performed in school and as both a representative of our school and the borough of Merton, which I always find puts the school values of trust, equality, resilience and aspiration into perspective.