What Our Girls Say


Year 10, Student Digital Leader

Ricards Lodge High School has provided a real variety of activities and opportunities to be a part of, both within and outside of school. For instance, as a Be Strong Online Ambassador, I have been able to communicate with people in the year above and, especially, with year 7s.

My team and I deliver short and valuable sessions that teach year 7s to be safe and strong in the online world.

As well as being a Digital Leader and a Be Strong Online Ambassador, I am also a Student Librarian, a school councillor and Ricards’ representative of Merton Youth Parliament. These are only a few of the roles that can be obtained at Ricards Lodge, and you’ll see this for yourself when you join our diverse community.

On the academic side of things, I believe that my weaker areas in the curriculum are supported adequately, and my stronger areas are developed further. This helps me to achieve the best of my ability across a vast majority of my subjects.

As for extra-curricular activities, there is always something going on in every department, particularly in sports. All you have to do is just ask a teacher about it and keep your eyes and ears open for any notices regarding them. Music lessons are also available. I enjoy having my piano lessons as they help to relieve any stress by letting me focus on something else.

I enjoy coming to school to learn. Honestly, if I didn’t have school, I would be very bored! Seeing my friends every day always lightens my mood and will always do so.