Welcome to Ricards Lodge High School

- Week 1
We are... OutstandingEducating successful women of the futureWe value... TrustWe value... EqualityWe value... ResilienceWe value... Aspiration


    25 Jun 18 All Day

    Year 7/8 School Exams start

    26 Jun 18 3:30pm – 5:30pm

    Art Exhibition

    28 Jun 18 4:00pm

    Oliver Twist

    29 Jun 18 All Day

    Year 13 Graduation Evening

    02 Jul 18 6:00pm

    GCSE Devising Plays

    03 Jul 18 6:00pm

    GCSE Devising Plays

    04 Jul 18 All Day

    Y12 School Exams start

    04 Jul 18 All Day

    New Intake Day

    05 Jul 18 All Day

    Year 11 Graduation Evening

Sports Fixtures


    • SCIENCE DEPARTMENT: Many, many congratulations to the Science department on achieving the Science Mark at Platinum level. This is a real testament to the tremendous work of the Science leadership, teaching and technical teams.

    • Thought for the Week: "And if at first you don’t succeed, then dust yourself off and try again!’ Aaliyah from ‘Try Again’

    Latest News

    • Ricards Lodge: recognised for excellence in science teaching

      16 Jun 18

      On the 14th June Ricards Lodge High School was awarded the prestigious Platinum Science Mark, in recognition of the excellent work unde...

    • RDC to light up Ignition Dance Festival

      04 Jun 18

      We are very excited and proud to announce that Ricards Dance Collective (RDC) has successfully applied to perform at the Rose Theatre in Kingston as p...

    • The Arts Summer Season

      04 Jun 18

      Please join us at school between the 14th June and the 19th July for a summer of music, performance, drama and dance. Some events are invitation...

    • Manon

      Year 11, Head Girl

      My name is Manon and I am currently the Head Girl at Ricards lodge High School. Primary school was one of the building blocks of my education; going to Ricards has enabled me to develop my skills and expand my knowledge.

    • Charlotte

      Year 11, Assistant Head Girl

      I am proud to be a student at Ricards Lodge High School and of the vast variety of ways they have supported me, both with my learning but also with the growth of my character. The teachers are amazing and will always give extra help and guidance if I or any other students need it. They always ensure that the class rooms are a fun and comfortable work space, making it easier to learn and understand.

    • Felicity

      Year 8

      Hi, my name is Felicity. After a year at Ricards, I have made lots of new friends with help from the staff to encourage us to talk to new people. Ricards Lodge really emboldens you to do at least one extra-curricular club to help you improve your confidence and help you fit in.

    • Karimah

      Year 10, Student Digital Leader

      Ricards Lodge High School has provided a real variety of activities and opportunities to be a part of, both within and outside of school. For instance, as a Be Strong Online Ambassador, I have been able to communicate with people in the year above and, especially, with year 7s.

      My team and I deliver short and valuable sessions that teach year 7s to be safe and strong in the online world.

    • Rachel

      Year 11, Assistant Head Girl

      Hello, my name is Rachel; I am assistant Head girl and Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge Champion for Merton.

    • Alice

      Year 8

      Hello, my name is Alice and I have just moved up to Year 8. After my first day at Ricards I felt welcomed and I knew I would enjoy coming to school. However, before I walked into the hall on my first day I felt really nervous because I didn’t know many people in the hall. As soon as we went into our tutor rooms I met lots of new friends and this helped me to settle in.

    • Sophia

      Year 11

      Ricards has taught me to always have aspiration. It has also provided me with incredible teacher support, which has enabled me to develop the confidence to grasp the many opportunities I have been offered by Ricards Lodge.