What Our Girls Say


Year 11, Assistant Head Girl

Being a student at Ricards Lodge has enabled me to be the the person I am today. Without my teachers and peers, I would never have been able to achieve the successes that I have achieved so far.

We have four values here at Ricards Lodge– Trust, Equality, Resilience and Aspiration. For me, getting support from everyone to become resilient is the most important. 

I believe that if you have dreams, you cannot just let them simply be dreams that might fade away; you should always persevere and have determination. When you achieve something that you have wanted for such a long time; the feeling of success is amazing.

At Ricards, your daughter can learn to strive for her goals, find new passions and create new friends! At Ricards, there are a variety of extra-curricular opportunities and activities in many different departments, such as the chance of being a Wimbledon ball girl, like me, or being a part of our band or orchestra.

Honestly, Ricards enhances your personality and potential to be the best version of yourselves you can possibly be, to truly become an educated successful woman of the future.