GCSE Drama (9-1)

Syllabus Title: Drama

Exam Board: Edexcel

GCSE Drama aims to give students the opportunity to develop:

  • Creative and imaginative powers
  • Practical skills for communication and expressing ideas, feeling and meanings in drama
  • Critical and analytical skills evaluating drama and mediums particularly through live theatre performance
  • Collaborative and leadership skills

Unit 1: Drama Exploration—Teacher Assessed Controlled Assessment 40% of final mark

Students will explore through the programme of study a range of ideas and issues in response to given stimulus.

They will demonstrate their ability to reflect upon and evaluate drama work through:

  • Engaging with a range of drama activities
  • Exploring a range of stimuli from different times and cultures
  • Making connections and comparisons between different stimuli.
  • Developing understanding of leading drama practitioners

Students submit a written portfolio which explores the understanding they have developed in their lessons. (no longer than 2000 words).

Unit 2: Exploring Play Texts—Externally Assessed performance 20% of final mark

Students will be introduced to the content of plays written for the theatre. They will learn how to interpret a play in various ways and understand how a play works in performance. They will develop their ability to communicate character’s intentions to an audience.

They will demonstrate their ability to interpret play texts and plays in performance.

Students will be externally assessed on their ability to portray a character in two extracts from the chosen play. This could be in the form of a monologue, duologue or grouped performance.

Unit 3: Written Examination 40% of final mark

The written examination is a new element to the GCSE Drama course.

Students will be required to answer questions about a play they have studied in class and a piece of live performance which they have attended.

The school will arrange trips to the theatre in  order to prepare students for this examination.

Drama is a practical subject, which requires commitment and dedication.
This is an ideal course for those interested in drama as an art form and/or as a means of communication.
Drama allows students the opportunity to experiment and take risks; enabling students to explore reality through fantasy.
The process of drama is as important as the final product.


There are several progression routes that students who achieve a 5 or above on this course could take at post-16 – including those which are available at our Sixth Form RR6:

  • A Level  Drama and Theatre Studies.
  • BTEC National Extended Certificates and Diplomas in Performing Arts or Production Arts.


Drama can benefit students who wish to pursue a career in the arts, media, the communications industry, the law, marketing and any career which deals with the public.

Mr Ralton (Head of Department)