GCSE Religious Studies

Syllabus Title: Full GCSE in Religious Studies

Exam Board: EDEXCEL Syllabus B

Exam Details: Two exam papers in June

All students will be offered a full course Edexcel GCSE specification B in Religious Studies involving two areas of study which will be assessed at the end of Y11 by a 1 hour and 45 minutes exam.  
The course adheres to the DFES and Merton Agreed Syllabus for RE requirements, and provides our pupils with a valuable GCSE.

The new specification means that each area of study and exam will have a focus on one of our chosen religions; Christianity and Islam.  Each area of study has a total of four topics that will include the religious and non-religious arguments and with opportunities to     explore other world views such as humanism and atheism when studying topics such as Marriage and the Family and Matters of Life and Death.  Other topics include Equality,   Belief in God and Living the Religious Life.  

Learning in the RE department includes studying various forms of media such as TV, film, print-media and music all of which are embedded in each topic, keeping the course      current and relevant.

Parts of an exam question are opinion based and students enjoy debating activities and discussions on these ethical and philosophical issues in the modern world.  This enables students to develop and articulate reasons for their opinions or explain why someone may disagree with them. Parents and carers may also wish to discuss their own views on these sometimes controversial issues that also arise periodically in the media such as euthanasia to support their child through their studies.


Progression from this course can include studying A Levels in Religious Studies, Philosophy and Sociology as well as other A level and BTEC courses— all of which are available at RR6.

Mr Kechagias (Acting Head of Religious Studies)