What Our Girls Say


Year 8

Hello my name is Koko and I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year at Ricards. It is really easy to make friends as everyone is so outgoing and kind.

Ricards Lodge is a really supportive school and makes everyone feel like they are part of a family.

There are many fun extra-curricular activities offered at our school, such as a large variety of sports clubs, dance and drama club, the Ricardian (the school newspaper) and many more. I attended a few clubs offered to my year group and just being there gave me a sense of confidence and encouraged me to make new friends.

The teachers at Ricards are extremely helpful and adapt their teaching so it fits every ability, which is a skill I admire. They push us beyond our abilities and strive to help us achieve the best grades.

Also there are support groups such as the Pupil Outreach Programme (POP) that make school more enjoyable and help sort out issues.

All in all, Ricards is an amazing place which has helped me mature and grow and lives up to the motto “Educating successful women of the future”.