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    28 Jun 22 All Day

    Y7 Exams

    28 Jun 22 All Day

    Y8 Exams

    04 Jul 22 All Day

    Y11 RR6 Induction

    08 Jul 22 4:30pm – 7:00pm

    Summer RicArts Festival

    20 Jul 22 8:30am – 1:00pm

    Sports Day

    22 Jul 22 All Day

    Final day of Summer term for students

    01 Sep 22 All Day

    INSET Day

    02 Sep 22 All Day

    Induction Day for Yr7 & Yr12 (Girls only)

    05 Sep 22 All Day

    First day of term for all other students

Sports Fixtures


    • "To show that everyone is equal no matter what their sexuality is." - Didi, Year 7

    Latest News

    • Merton Borough Cricket

      23 Jun 22

      On the 16th of June Ricards Lodge Years 7 and 8 cricket teams took part in a borough cricket competition held at Ursuline High School.

    • 2022 Junior Maths Challenge Award Winners

      20 May 22

      40 awards from 49 students! Congratulations to all the participants and the award winners - this is a tremendous achievement from the students in...

    • Dance Showcase Highlights

      28 Apr 22

      See highlights from the Dance Department's showcase: ‘Homecoming’

    • Monet

      Year 11, Co-Head Girl

      Being Head Girl has always been an aspiration of mine; therefore, I am incredibly grateful to have been given this opportunity.

    • Harini

      Year 10, Ambassador

      Hi, my name is Harini and I have just started Year 10, and truthfully I am quite nervous about delving into the world of KS4 and GCSEs.

    • Gaya

      Year 11, Co-Head Girl

      Hello, my name is Gaya and I am very honoured to say that I am a Co-Head Girl alongside Monet and be representing the school.

    • Marika

      Year 8, Ambassador

      Hi I'm Marika, and during the last year I was nominated for and lucky enough to win a Jack Petchey award

    • Koko

      Year 11, Assistant Head Girl

      Ricards Lodge is a school that is inclusive, diverse and very welcoming.

    • Poppy

      Year 11, Ambassador

      As a student at Ricards, I am constantly surrounded by inspiration — from the teachers to the students.

    • Natalie

      Year 11, Deputy Head Girl

      As a member of the Ricards Lodge family, I follow our school values of trust, resilience, equality and aspiration which I use on a daily basis.

    • Rachel

      Year 11, Deputy Head Girl

      I am really looking forward to working with the rest of the JLT members, as well as the teachers and pupils of this outstanding school. We are a diverse community that likes to enhance our school environment and encourage students to achieve and succeed.

    • Hilda

      Year 11, Deputy Head Girl

      I'm very proud to be a part of this year's JLT alongside all the other capable and hardworking girls on the team.

    • Laura

      Year 11, Assistant Head Girl

      As an Assistant Head Girl at Ricards, I am fortunate enough to be able to represent the student body and work alongside my peers and teachers to help make Ricards a better place and more enjoyable for everyone, while continuing to make it an accepting community for pupils.

    • Prathika

      Year 11, Assistant Head Girl

      I personally see a massive difference from when I first joined Ricards Lodge to now. I feel extremely happy being here. Ricards Lodge is a safe environment with passionate students and dedicated staff.

    • Lara

      Year 11, Assistant Head Girl

      I love to be involved in as many aspects of school life as possible. In my opinion, the greatest part of Ricards is the large variety of extra-curricular activities that are offered.

    • Maira

      Year 11, Assistant Head Girl

      I have been part of this incredible and extremely fulfilling community for nearly four years, and I am now very proud of becoming a member of the Junior Leadership Team.