What Our Girls Say


Year 9

At Ricards Lodge High School everyone has the same opportunities for success in any subject. Teachers help us to achieve our targets and maybe even exceed them. They encourage us to always put in maximum effort.

In this school there is a special programme for students who don’t speak English as their first language this is called 'English as an Additional Language' support. I had EAL support in some of my lessons and I understood more vocabulary than before, this helped me to improve my writing, reading and speaking skills. So, now I am able to understand English in my lessons like everybody else.

This school offers a big range of different extra-curricular activities at lunchtimes and after school. If you play an instrument you can join the Ricards band or school orchestra, if you want to learn how to play a guitar or keyboard you can join a free lunchtime club. If you enjoy performing, our school holds an annual musical that happens in December and music festival called Summer Sounds in July.

If you enjoy sports, every day there are different sports club at lunchtime and after school. I can’t say that I am a very sporty person but I enjoy playing badminton and tennis with my friends. If your passion is to write articles you can join the 'Ricardian'.  It is our school newspaper and you can write about anything you are interested in, for example, politics, current news or book reviews. If you are not that interested in standard news you can join our “R Magazine”, there we publish some teacher interviews, film reviews and alternative content.

Overall, this is an outstanding school for girls who are aiming to achieve their dreams.