What Our Girls Say


Year 11, Deputy Head Girl

I am really looking forward to working with the rest of the JLT members, as well as the teachers and pupils of this outstanding school. We are a diverse community that likes to enhance our school environment and encourage students to achieve and succeed.  

Ricards Lodge is an inclusive school and a place that is welcoming to all students. Over the last couple of years that I have spent here, I have developed multiple skills due to the vast range of opportunities that the school has to offer. These opportunities range from school musicals to after-school sports activities. I guarantee there are activities/clubs for everyone, and it is a great way to socialise and balance their school work.

In Year 7, I was one of the lucky pupils to be chosen to join the Chinese club. This club took place after school hours and was set up by King's College. During this event, I used to struggle a lot but due to Ricards' constant encouragement, I was able to show resilience and work through the struggle, resulting in my confidence increasing.

As I started to find the event less like a struggle, it became more like a fun experience that allowed me to partake in different cultures. I was also lucky enough to be a tour guide for Open Evening. This allowed my communication skills to flourish and show the pride I have due to attending this school. 

Moreover, this summer, the JLT was allowed to attend Year 7 Summer School, which takes place so the Year 7s can have a warm welcome into secondary school. This opportunity allowed me to present my position in the JLT and become closer to the students, which in return allowed me to voice their opinions and thoughts. I am looking forward to being the voice of the students and being a role model to the Ricards Lodge community. 

Therefore, there are many reasons why Ricards Lodge is an excellent place for young girls to thrive and discover their interests. Although Ricards is already an amazing school, each student can improve it by making it a place where they can be themselves and be an active member of the community. This is why these opportunities are great as it also allows us to show our school values; Trust, Equality, Resilience and Aspiration.

I thoroughly believe that each student will discover their passion and become 'Successful Women of the Future' like we know they can be.