What Our Girls Say

Scarlet G

Year 11, Deputy Head Girl

Hello, I am Scarlet and I am one of the Deputy Head Girls at Ricards Lodge. I am honoured to be given this incredible role and I hope to work with my teachers and peers to help all Ricards girls feel happy in the school environment.

During my time on the JLT I aim to advertise the cultural differences in our school and show how although we are all different, we should celebrate our differences and thus become a stronger community. In addition, I also aim to help strengthen the girls understanding about mental health and allow everyone to feel safe, secure and happy in school. 

Being at Ricards has allowed me to really excel as an individual and has helped me to become the more confident person I am today. This school has encouraged me to break out of my comfort zone, take every opportunity and think outside of the box and has, therefore, helped me in my studies and helped me to build my personality. 

There are so many incredible chances to be involved with the school community. From the Ricardian student newspaper, our many sports clubs, extra languages, drama, dance, IT and art clubs there will always be a different way for our girls to feel like they are contributing to the school's achievements.

When I joined Ricards, I wanted to find a new hobby. I joined a few sports clubs but I especially fell in love with Rowing. I did this club and others from Year 7 to 9 and then in Year 9 I was given the opportunity to join a competitive rowing team that rows both indoor and on the river named ‘Thames rowing club’.

I am so happy I decided to join because it gave me incredible new friends, helped me with my fitness and from it, I have 2 World Records and 1 British Record in indoor rowing in my age category. Thanks to Ricards Lodge, I found something that I love and the journey so far has been truly amazing. 

Ricards Lodge has a great pastoral support system and helps everyone feel like they can be themselves. The option of going to our tutors, teachers, inclusion team and the peer outreach programme (POP) every girl's feelings are listened to and supported.