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    20 Apr 23 5:00pm – 7:00pm

    Alumni Evening - English Department

    27 Apr 23 6:30pm – 7:30pm

    Oxbridge Information Evening (TBC)

    29 May 23 All Day

    Half Term Summer Break

    08 Jun 23 All Day

    Y12 Art Exams

    09 Jun 23 All Day

    Y12 Art Exams

This Week


    • CHARITY UPDATE - Well done to all our students for raising over £1100 at the end of last term for our chosen charities Greenpeace, DEC appeal and Womankind.

    Latest News

    • 'Amy' at the BFI

      16 Mar 23

      On the 3rd of March, Year 12 A Level Film Studies had the opportunity to attend a study day at the BFI, centred around the documentary ‘Amy...

    • Year 12 Inter-Faith Dialogue

      01 Mar 23

      The third inter-faith dialogue session of “Our Faith, Our Belief” took place at the Shree Ghanapathy Temple at Wimbledon with the theme...

    • Our Faith, Our Belief: the second inter-faith dialogue session for Year 12 students

      09 Dec 22

      The second inter-faith dialogue session of the “Our Faith, Our Belief” project took place at the Mitcham Parish Church and involved repres...

    • Alex

      Sixth Form

      I chose RR6 so that I could continue to access the high quality teaching and facilities that I had experienced at Rutlish, and because I knew that the results the 6th form achieved were very good.

    • Anna-Marie

      Sixth Form

      I chose RR6 because I wanted to start new and meet new people.

    • Fay

      Sixth Form

      I chose RR6 because they had all the great courses that I knew would make my 6th form day to day life fun and doing courses that I enjoy gets me one step closer to finding out what I aspire to do in the future which I have chosen to be interior architecture and design.

    • Mia

      Sixth Form

      I wanted to study at RR6 because I enjoyed my time at Ricards from years 7-11. I liked the curriculum from each of my subjects and wanted to continue my education in a familiar and friendly environment.

    • Nathan

      Sixth Form

      I chose RR6 because I know the schools well, know the teachers well, and they're local schools.

    • Ruby

      Sixth Form

      I chose RR6 because of the fun, warm and familiar environment