RR6 Application Processes

The application process for current year 11 students will open in October - please watch this space and @RicardsTweets for the launch.

For students still seeking a place in the current year 12 please see below:

We have a limited amount of spaces available for students who meet our entry requirements and any students wishing to make a late application must do so by following these steps:

1 - Read through the prospectus (link below) carefully checking your GCSE results against our entry criteria.

2 - If you meet the criteria then complete the online application process as below with external applicants also completing the additional form that can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

3 - Send a confirmation of application email to the relevant email address below


Click HERE to access our online RR6 Prospectus for Year 12 entry September 2018. 

Applications must be made to the relevant RR6 site:

Female applications using the Ricards application form link - click here

Male applications using the Rutlish application form link - click here

All external applicants must also download and fully complete the additional information form and ask their current school to complete the reference pages.  This document can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page. These must then both be posted to the relevant school site by the application deadline.

Please note: students whose predicted grades do not meet our entry requirements will not be offered an interview and will be notified of this in writing.

Offers of places for successful applicants are sent out by letter following interviews and all successful applicants who accept their offer, and hold RR6 as their first choice for September 2018, will be expected to then attend both the Induction Days on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th July 2018

Any enquiries please contact below

Ricards Lodge site (Female Applicants):

Mrs A Chambers
RR6 Administrator
Ricards Lodge
Lake Road
SW19 7HB

Rutlish Site (Male Applicants):

Mrs A Cadman
RR6 Administrator
Rutlish School
Watery Lane
SW20 9AD