What Our Girls Say


Year 11, Assistant head girl

Hello, I’m Farwa and I’m an assistant head girl at this school. Since joining Ricards Lodge in Year 7 I have been introduced to a wide variety of interesting groups, clubs and activities.

Being at Ricards Lodge has been a fun and joyful experience for me, giving me opportunities to develop my skills in chosen areas with teachers and friends. This includes not only in-class topics, but extra-curricular activities as well; such as the MUN humanitarian conference Jack Petchey 'Speak out challenge', and the Donmar Warehouse project - a drama project performed at the Donmar Warehouse in London.

Ricards invites students who enjoy different subjects to aim higher to reach their goals. For example, they can participate in the ‘young writer’s competition’. They can also become a representative for a subject they enjoy. In year 10 - I became a drama rep which I thoroughly enjoyed due to being able to help out in drama club and work with Year 7’s and their production. In addition, you can complete the bronze ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ (DofE) award, which involves volunteering, sports, and two camping expeditions outside of London

The school helps us understand the challenges of the 21st century and what we can do to improve and change it. There is an acceptance and understanding for everyone in our school, with resources such as the LGBTQ+ group and the POP (Pupil Outreach Programme), which I was also given the privilege of being a part of. Teachers at Ricards Lodge expand our knowledge and aim to develop successful and talented students during a crucial stage of our lives.