What Our Girls Say


Year 11, Assistant Head Girl

My name is Kristina and I am currently one of the Assistant Head Girls at Ricards Lodge. I am grateful to have this role within the school and proud to call myself a Ricards girl.

Since the start of my journey here, I have felt welcomed and found that all the teachers are eager to help us to ensure we work to our full potential and excel in life. The classrooms are made to be places that we can enjoy and are full of comfortable workspaces to make learning easier and understandable.

Since a young age, I have always loved sport and I’ve been able to pursue this passion throughout my high school experience with the variety of extra-curricular clubs that are on offer. To this day, I still remember joining athletics club as a Year 7 and being worried that none of my friends wanted to join as well. Luckily, I still went, and a group of older students welcomed and befriended me, which helped me ease into the new environment.

The school had also given me the opportunity to compete and represent the school in many of my preferred sports such as netball and athletics. This has developed my skills and enabled me to meet new people from different schools.

At the start of my high school journey, like many of my peers, I had no idea what career path I wanted to pursue. However, with the help of the careers interviews that the school provides, I decided what I would like to be. Since then, they have supported me in every way possible. Therefore, it is easy to say: whatever your plans are for the future, Ricards Lodge will support and encourage you every step of the way.