Ball Girls

As a part of the prestigious Wimbledon Championships held annually in the summer, a group of 250 ball boys and girls are selected to be a part of the Wimbledon Championships.

The selection process begins here at Ricards Lodge, where students attend weekly training to gain selection. Mirroring Wimbledon, students are selected based on their tennis knowledge, skills, court play and fitness. Each student has the opportunity to develop these 4 selection criteria in weekly after school sessions, as well as at lunchtimes in a later part of the program. 

The calibre of students from Ricards is very high, resulting in a high number of applicants selected for The Championships. This year alone 15 students were selected as Wimbledon ball girls, 5 of whom appeared on centre court and 2 being given the honour of captaining a team at Wimbledon. 

Wimbledon is the experience of a lifetime, it enables students to develop their physical performance, mental dexterity, it enables students to develop and employ out school values (Trust, Equality, Resilience and Aspiration) all while gaining lifelong friends in the process.

Trials begin each year in September, so come along and get involved and don’t hesitate to ask Miss Beaufoy or the PE department if you have any questions.