In all year groups, students are in mixed-attaining tutor groups and each group has a tutor who is their first point of contact. Students have tutor time each morning from 8.30-8.55 am where they engage in a variety of activities including; 

  • Virtual and live assemblies where staff and students present on a 'Role model of the week' and 'The student thought for the week' or relevant global events and themes
  • Study skills sessions
  • Charity event planning
  • Monitoring of academic progress
  • Literacy sessions
  • Current affairs debates and quizzes 

The Heads of Year for each year group in 2023-24 are:

Year 7 - Mrs Wilford

Year 8 - Miss E Goddard

Year 9 -Mrs C McKenna

Year 10 - Ms J Kirk

Year 11 - Mr M Englefield

Year 12 - Miss S Nolan

Year 12  - Mr M Duus