Exams & Performance

Year 13 2023 Results:

We are extremely proud of the achievements of our Sixth Form students and their remarkable set of results this year. This achievement is all the more commendable when we remember that our Y13 students did not sit GCSE public exams in 2021 and, despite the COVID disruptions they have faced, they have excelled. We are immensely proud of the hard work, resilience and dedication of our students who have yet again beaten the odds and improved on our pre-pandemic results in many indicators.

As outlined by the DFE in advance, all exam grades this year were designed to generate a distribution of results in line with those in 2019.

Our A Level and Level 3 BTEC results this year show that we largely achieved higher than in
2019 and higher than National and Merton results as currently published.

Students are now headed for an extraordinary range of courses and careers, from Architecture to Zoology and from Dental Surgery to Dance.

The huge range of university progression routes includes Biomedicine, Pharmaceutical Science, Earth Climate Science, Environmental Management and Sustainability, Urban Planning, History, Geography, Languages, English, Politics, Journalism, Law, Psychology, Criminology, Fine Art, Theatre Design, Real Estate, Sports Media, Museum and Classical Studies, Film and TV, and a Norland Nanny.

Some students have progressed onto degree-level apprenticeships, including Environmental Science with Balfour Beatty.



% of students retained to the end of their main course of study: 97.4%



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