Exams & Performance


Students and staff at Ricards Lodge High School are celebrating the exam results of the latest Year 13 cohort.

Despite all the unprecedented changes brought about by Covid-19 over the past 2 years, we are very proud of our strong results this year with over 50% of our grades at A*-A and 100% of our students passing their chosen qualifications. 

These results have put our students in a very strong position to progress onto their chosen pathway of study, training or employment. The challenges posed by the pandemic have been overwhelming but their hard work and dedication has really paid off. We offer them all our warmest congratulations.

Students have been accepted at Universities all across the country to study a wide range of courses across the academic and vocational disciplines including Cambridge, Birmingham, Nottingham, Queen Mary, Sheffield, and UCL.


It is the responsibility of the candidate to read all the regulations below.