2019 Results & Key Measures

Ricards Lodge RR6 performance tables can be found here on the Government compare schools website.  


  • A level students achieved a progress score of -0.02

  • Applied general students achieve a progress score of 0.26


  • The average grade for A level was a B-. The national average is a C+

  • The average grade for Applied General Qualification was a Distinction. The national average is a Merit. 

English and Maths Progress

  • In 2019 we had very few students who needed to resit maths and English GCSE which is why this information is not available on the Government compare website.


  • 91.8% of our students who studied A level courses, a total of 61 students, completed the course. 

  • 91% of our students studied one or more Applied General Qualifications,  a total of 23 students completed the course. 41 students in total studied at least one BTEC Level 3 qualification 


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