Our Curriculum is designed to provide students with a contemporary, varied and rigorous programme of study, enabling each and every student to become a successful learner, confident individual and a responsible citizen.

Our curriculum structures stem from the intent of our mission statement, "Educating Successful Women of the Future", and they are designed to give every student the challenge and motivation to develop their individual abilities and talents to the full.

The curriculum intent for each subject area builds on the mission statement to also enable successful development in each student of our core values:

  • We Aspire
  • We are Resilient
  • We are Compassionate
  • We champion Equality
  • We work Together 

Ricard’s girls and RR6 boys study in an atmosphere that celebrates and rewards success. Our rewards system recognises academic excellence as well as good conduct, good citizenship, effort and improvement.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, students follow a common curriculum:

  • English / Maths / Science
  • Technology (Resistant Materials / Food and Nutrition / Textiles / Graphics)
  • Computer Science
  • Modern Foreign Languages (students are allocated to French, German or Spanish)
  • History / Geography / Religious Education
  • Creative Arts (Art / Drama / Music /Dance)
  • Physical Education
  • Personal, Social Education (PSE), Careers & Citizenship
  • Accelerated Reader Programme reading strategy.

Students complete their lessons in a variety of different types of groups, currently configured as below: 

  • Mixed attainment Tutor Groups –
    In Year 7: Art, Computer Science, Dance, Drama, Geography, History, Music, PE, PSHE and Science
    In Year 8: Art, Dance, Drama, Music, PE, PSHE
  • Mixed attainment Learning Groups - 
    In Year 7 (groups named after female authors): English, RE and Languages
    In Year 9 (groups named after colours): Art, Computer Science, Dance, Drama, Geography, History, Music, PE, PSHE and RE
    In Year 9: English groups of mixed attainment
  • Learning Groups Based on Literacy Levels in Year 8: Computer Science, English, Languages, Geography, History, RE and Science.
  • Smaller mixed-attainment groups for Technology classes to enable high-quality practical work.
  • Sets in Maths from year 7, then in Science from Year 8 and Languages from Year 9.
  • Our lowest prior attainers are grouped into a smaller class where they have additional lessons in English and Numeracy, extra support in our ARP Cedar Base for SEN students specifically, and reduced hours in Languages and RE.

Key Stage 4

In line with the National Curriculum and school policy, we have a common core of subjects which everyone studies – Maths, English (Language and Literature), at least two GCSEs in Science, PSE, RE and PE.

Most students will have an extended core that includes either GCSE History or GCSE Geography and a GCSE in a Modern Foreign Language (French, German or Spanish). These combinations of subjects enable students to achieve well in the EBACC, Attainment 8 and Progress 8 measures.

Some students have additional time in English and Maths to maximise their outcomes and progression routes, and our EAL and SEN students receive further specialist support lessons throughout Key Stage 4.

Pathways are available which allow students to study from a wide range of subjects, either GCSEs and/or BTECs.  All students have at least two free-choice subjects from our extensive provision (please click on the subject to the left of this page to see the range of courses available).

Our students who have fluency in an additional language at home are able to take a GCSE in that language in the Summer Term of Year 10.

Key Stage 5

Most Year 11 students at Ricards Lodge choose to apply for a place at our joint sixth form with Rutlish School, known as RR6. Details of the current curriculum offer of A’ Levels and BTEC courses and their entry requirements and application processes can be found in the Sixth Form section of this website - Click here

For further information on our curriculum please contact Deputy Headteacher, Ms Paula Simmons via