The Government has announced the next steps for living with COVID-19 from 1st April 2022. 

Free Covid tests (including LFD’s) will now only be available for very specific groups as universal testing has ended. 

We are all now advised of the following:

  • Adults with symptoms of a respiratory infection and who are feeling poorly or have a high temperature are asked to stay at home and avoid contact with others until they feel well enough to resume normal activities. Please do not come into school if this applies to you.
  • Students who are unwell and have a high temperature should stay at home. They can come back to school when they no longer have a high temperature and are well enough to attend. 
  • Adults who have a positive Covid-19 test should stay at home for 5 days. For students under 18, the advice is to stay home for 3 days. We would ask that you follow this advice to keep us all safe and the school open for as many students as possible especially as we approach the winter season.