The Governors, Headteacher and staff of Ricards Lodge High School are committed to the inclusion of students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

We see the SEND of our students as the responsibility of the whole school.

We believe that all children and young people are entitled to an education that enables them to make progress so that they:

  • Achieve their best
  • Become confident individuals living fulfilling lives, and
  • Make a successful transition into adulthood, whether into employment, further or higher education or training


We will use our best endeavours to make sure that a child with SEND gets the support they need – this means doing everything we can to meet children and young people’s SEND.

We will aim to ensure that children and young people with SEND engage in the activities of the school alongside pupils who do not have SEND.

The identification of SEND should is built into the overall approach to monitoring the progress and development of all pupils.

Our arrangements for assessing and identifying pupils as having SEND are set out as part of the SEN Information report as well as in our policy.

We aim to provide access to a flexible, broad and balanced curriculum, but also to offer small group support or individual help when students have specific needs.

We aim to develop an ethos of care, empathy and understanding which is essential when dealing with students with special needs, who may have low self-esteem.

All students will be valued and our aim is for all to experience success and achievement and to reach their full potential.

Please also see Policies & Documents for our school SEND Policy and SEND Report.