The initial deadline for applications to RR6 for September 2020 entry was 4pm Friday 13th December 2019

Any applications after that date will join our waiting list and be processed once all applications prior to deadline are completed through to interview and offer stage.


The 2020 RR6 Prospectus is now live online and includes direct links to the RR6 Application Form. Click on the purple button below:


We accept applications from students in current Year 11 from Ricards Lodge High School, Rutlish School and external applicants.

Applications must be made to the relevant RR6 site:

  • All current Ricards Lodge High School Year 11 students must apply using the Ricards application form link.
  • All current Rutlish School Year 11 students must apply using the Rutlish application form link.
  • All external students should apply to the school relevant to their gender according to their birth certificate:
    Female - Please use the Ricards application form
    Male - Please use the Rutlish application form

Please note that completing the online application form takes approximately half an hour and you will need contact information for yourself and parents/carers to hand.

All external applicants, will be emailed an additional information form which they must download and fully complete, and ask their current school to complete the reference pages.  These must then both be posted to the relevant school site by the application deadline.

The interview process will then take place during January and February 2020 with the majority of interviews taking place on Saturdays, and all applications to arts subjects include an additional interview or audition after school on Tuesday 14th January. 

Please note: students whose predicted grades do not meet our entry requirements will not be offered an interview and will be notified of this in writing.

For any queries, please contact the relevant RR6 administrators as below:

Ricards Lodge RR6 site:

Mrs A Chambers
RR6 Administrator
Ricards Lodge
Lake Road
SW19 7HB

Rutlish RR6 site:

Mrs A Cadman
RR6 Administrator
Rutlish School
Watery Lane
SW20 9AD