Dance trip to Royal Academy of Dance

On Monday 23rd September, Year 10 GCSE Dance students visited the Royal Academy of Dance for a series of workshops on the professional works they must study for their qualification.

The students engaged in three classes developing their practical ability and building knowledge on A Linha Curva, Emancipation of Expressionism and Artificial Things.

Students said:

“It was really interesting to see how you can take a piece of choreography and adapt it in so many different ways.”

"We developed our understanding on the set works we are learning. We learnt a range of choreographic devices and worked in groups to adapt choreography using our knowledge. It was really interesting and fun!”

The event organiser commented:

 “It was a real pleasure to welcome your students and the teachers were really positive about their experience teaching your pupils, who represented your school in such a positive light!”

Ms J. Barron

Head of Dance