Ricards Lodge Artificial Intelligence Club

On Tuesday 28th June Ricards Artificial Intelligence Club were invited to Birmingham University’s computer science and robotics department.

This was the final phase of a 6-month project which was partnered with Wimbledon High School. Students were selected from both schools to go on the trip, those selected interacted with female researchers, played with robots currently being developed and spoke to someone from admissions. The trip was designed to give students an insight into how varied computer science can be and how its is embedded in multiple disciplines ranging from biochemistry to robotics.

Some of the students gave feedback on their experience.  


This trip and seeing the robots definitely made me like computer science more. It also encouraged me more to earn a career in STEM, I'm still figuring out what specific path to take but I have definitely learned something from this trip. My favourite speaker was Kit Murdock because the way she spoke to us was very engaging and very interesting. I liked when she spoke about the female and male differences in computer science and maths, it really opened my eyes to how important women are in STEM.


Nicole Wheeler inspired me to look into the computer science aspects of biochemistry. She gave me a clear career path you could take involving computer science and science at the same time. I loved looking around the robotics lab, meeting the robot Peppa and learning about the different ways robots are created.


I really enjoyed visiting the robotics lab and meeting the robot (who I believe is called Peppa), alongside all the other robotic devices and technological things we saw. I also enjoyed the explanation about the screen that could mirror the movements of your hand, and the realistic avatar creator. I already had an interest in robotics and artificial intelligence and this trip helped me to confirm that I may choose to do something related to this in the future.