Romeo & Juliet at The Globe

On the 13th of March, the Year 9 students participating in the King’s College Aspiration Partnership program visited The Globe Theatre to watch a performance of Romeo and Juliet.

Students previously participated in workshops organised by the Royal Shakespeare company at King’s College Wimbledon. It was a real pleasure to see the architecture of the theatre and observe how the voice can be projected in open space without mics.

The performance of Romeo and Juliet was adapted with such skill, so even when the old English was spoken, the story was easy to follow. There were several surprises which generated shrieks and cheers from the audience, but we will not reveal more details in case you want to see it. We absolutely recommend this show for audiences of secondary school age and above who find classical plays a bit out of touch with reality.

“This trip was inspirational and gave me an inside view of the play” - Amira, Year 9

“It was fun and exciting. We saw lots of buildings, such as St Paul's Cathedral on the way, and the Globe itself was breathtaking. Seeing it from inside was quite a thing” - Basma, Year 9

“I did not understand the old English, but it was captivating to watch”  - Alaila, Year 9.