King's College Aspiration Program

On the 10th of May, Year 10 students from our Aspiration program participated in four different science workshops. Held at King's College, Wimbledon, the sessions were led by their Year 12 students under the supervision of their Science Teacher.

Upon arrival, we were invited into their canteen to choose from a variety of lunch options to make Friday afternoon more pleasurable.

Our group started with Fire Writing, where we used a chemical solution on filtration paper to create a pattern which ignited in contact with heat. The second workshop was in the form of a competition - who could build the tallest spaghetti tower by using gravity law and other physics principles.

“Building the tower with spaghetti and marshmallows was fun as you were able to experiment with different structures” Carla, Year 10

The third workshop, acids and bases - making pH indicators from cabbage was really fun, as you needed to get the balance of chemicals right in order for it to be effective.

“Acids and bases was the best, as we were able to work like proper scientists” Mia, Year 10.

Lastly, we visited a science lab where we experimented with different compounds to change the colour of flame and understood how vibration of ions can change the spectrum.