Rollercoaster Maths - Thorpe Park

In mid-July 2018 a group of maths students from year 10 visited Thorpe Park, a world-class theme park in Chertsey to understand how engineers and mathematicians come together to create thrilling theme ark attractions.

The students learnt about the strategies and maths involved in designing the famous rides like ‘Nemesis, Inferno and Colossus’ which had a lot of inversions (up, down and turning sideways movements within the rides). 

Students were impressed with the workshop and said;

‘The rides were fun, but the workshop was interesting and made me really understand how the rides work’

Iqra, Year 10 

‘I realised that there is a lot of maths involved with the rides. The rides were thrilling and I enjoyed the whole day’

Maryam, Year 10