Our Faith, Our Belief: an inter-faith dialogue project for Year 12 students in Merton

Sixth-form students from Ricards Lodge High School, Rutlish School, Wimbledon College, Ursuline High School and St. Mark's Academy came together to connect, explore and act.

Students from diverse faith and belief backgrounds, spanned from atheism and agnosticism, to different interpretations of Islam and Christianity, came together to connect, explore and act. At the first meeting students discussed their own faith, beliefs and identity, explored areas of common ground, formed the discussion groups and agreed on a shared set of rules that will govern the conversations.

The initiative is a tremendous opportunity that will equip students with the necessary competencies to address religious diversity and build a more cohesive and tolerant society.

The next morning will be at the Mitcham Parish Church where students will discuss their background in faith and belief.