'Amy' at the BFI

On the 3rd of March, Year 12 A Level Film Studies had the opportunity to attend a study day at the BFI, centred around the documentary ‘Amy’, which they are studying as part of the course. We were also lucky enough to be part of a Q&A with the director of the film, Asif Kapadia, and key contributor, Nick Shymansky.

The first part of the day was devoted to a full screening of the film, and a discussion of key topics led by the BFI education team. After lunch, Asif Kapadia and Nick Shymansky answered what seemed like hundreds of questions from the students! Kapadia discussed his early career, his revolutionary documentary style, his influences when making ‘Amy’ and his pride that the film is now being studied across the country. Shymansky, who was a personal friend of the eponymous Amy, similarly answered a flood of questions about Amy Winehouse, her work and his opinions of the documentary. It was an enlightening day for the students, and a great opportunity to grill a real-life filmmaker on his process, and hopefully to pick up some key quotes to use in their exams!

E Green, Media & Film

‘It was just amazing to be in the same room as someone who had actually known Amy Winehouse’ - Maria, Year 12