What Our Students Say


Sixth Form

I chose to come to RR6 as I really enjoyed being at Ricards. I felt comfortable coming here as I already knew the teachers and found them helpful and supportive.

The staff are always able to help you if you don’t understand something and they have a range of resources to assist you in achieving your best grades.  

The subjects I chose to take at RR6 are History, Sociology and Business Studies. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my subjects so far and I am excited to continue to learn more about them.

Another advantage of coming to RR6 is that I already had an established friendship circle, which means I didn’t find enrolment and the first days so overwhelming. The jump from GCSEs to A levels is quite big so it meant I was able to concentrate on my studies with the support of people that I trusted. This enabled me to get straight into my studies in an organised manner.