What Our Students Say


Sixth Form

As a student who has always considered herself to be ambitious, I found RR6 the perfect sixth form for me to attend.

I have found my experience at RR6 incredibly enjoyable, the staff have all been supportive and have helped to aid the transition from GCSE to A Level.

The atmosphere at the school is positive and inclusive. In my time here so far, I have had my talents nurtured and been offered chances not restricted by my chosen subjects, but also my outside interests. 

My A-Level choices include English Literature, History and Film Studies. The creativity of the English department has allowed me to explore different theories related but not directly linked to the texts I am studying. The teachers are very helpful and engage closely with students. Discussions in our English class often carry on outside the classroom! History was not always a subject I felt comfortable with, but the teachers have helped change my mind.

Film studies is a passion of mine, and the media department at RR6 were a key factor in driving that. The small size of our film studies classes allow for good relationships to form between students and teachers.