However, before I walked into the hall on my first day I felt really nervous because I didn’t know many people in the hall. As soon as we went into our tutor rooms I met lots of new friends and this helped me to settle in.

When we went to go to our lessons I didn’t know where to go and all of the older students were much bigger than us. Luckily, a group of them saw that I was lost so they helped me find my classroom. During our first couple of weeks the teachers didn’t really mind if you were late because you got lost or if you forgot your book, however as the year went on they encourage you to remember everything you need for your lessons.

After our first half term, we were all encouraged to join clubs to make more new friends. Now we all have to do at least one club so I am currently enjoying rounders and cricket. Extra-curricular clubs bring many opportunities such as competitions and school performances that you can participate in.

Overall, Ricards is an extremely welcoming school with many exciting opportunities that anyone can take part in.