What Our Girls Say


Year 10, School Ambassador

I am a proud Year 10 student at Ricards Lodge High School. I love the teamwork that goes through our school and how you can always count on someone no matter what, even if it is: a netball team, your class or your friendship group. 

Our school is outstanding on many different levels. For example, we are given so many opportunities which give you a chance to explore your skills and yourself as a person. I have had the opportunity to be a member of the First Give competition. This is an organisation, which helps students learn a variety of skills such as presentational skills, teamwork, planning skills, fundraising and researching skills. Last year, I was part of the Model UN which gave me an insight into other countries’ problems and how different governments work together to overcome these challenges. 

This year, I am taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh programme. This is a programme in which students have to commit to volunteering, taking part in a sport and learning a new skill. Every section has a specific time frame. For example, to get the bronze award you have to do three months of doing a skill, three months of taking part in a sport and six of volunteering. At the end of this programme, we go on an exhibition for two days and one night. 

I have also committed to the role of environment rep. This is a role in which a student is chosen to work with our geography department to help make our school more sustainable and safe for the environment. 

In the future, I would like to study finance, economics and business and work in the finance industry.