What Our Students Say


Sixth Form

I immediately felt so welcomed when I first came here with all the teachers being so supportive and encouraging.

They’re also so passionate about all of their subjects which immediately makes you want to learn more about the subject. 

I also really wanted to come here because they offer the EPQ which is such a vital and such a unique experience which allows you to develop both your confidence and independence, but also to learn more about analysing sources and sourcing sources, and being able to form conclusions which I think is such a vital skill for university which you can carry on through further education.

Teachers at RR6 are also so supportive and they offer you extra resources if you find something particularly interesting, which allows you to engage with the subject on a deeper level.

They’ve also been really supportive in post-18 option choices and have helped us to write our personal statements guiding us through things that we should definitely include and helping us to formulate it. It can feel like quite a daunting process at the start but with all this support it's actually seemed quite smooth.

We’ve also been given lots of opportunities to look at online lectures and online open days which have allowed us to look at different universities and the different courses that the different universities offer which is really important so that you know where you think will suit you the most.