What Our Girls Say


Year 11, Junior Leadership Team

I am committed to making a positive impact within our school community and I would like to share my personal journey which is fuelled by dedication, compassion, and a drive to listen and voice the opinions of others.

The immense amount of opportunities at this school has allowed me to be the best version of myself. I am a part of groups such as the School Council, the Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural (SMSC) club, MUN, HPQ, the peer outreach program and Duke of Edinburgh, just to list a few!

Being part of the School Council since Year 7 has been a rewarding experience which gave me the privilege of representing my tutor group members in our whole school community. It brought me immense joy to help others and work towards improving our school environment. Being part of the SMSC has allowed me to contribute to vibrant events such as our school culture day. Finally, participating in a recent MUN conference has let me witness the power of passionate debates which deepened my understanding of global issues and further refined my critical thinking abilities. 

In my role as Deputy Head Girl, I aim to work closely with fellow team members and our wider school community to create a positive and inclusive environment. I want us to embrace unity and compassion as we embark on this journey of empowering young women of the future and uplifting our school community.