What Our Students Say


Sixth Form

One of the main reasons I decided to come to RR6 was because of the large successful drama department.

Coming from my old school which was quite small, it had a lot of facilities and resources and when I went to the open day all the teachers were very helpful and all of them were extremely friendly and It felt like a very nice and supportive community they have here.

When I first came here it was slightly overwhelming how big it is but you get used to it and it’s all very nice. Coming to this school, all the teachers made an effort to make it clear and they ran through all the courses that I was about to do which was very helpful.

The opportunities at RR6 are always really helpful, especially with the enrichment that you do in year 12 which is once a fortnight. For my particular enrichment I decided to do production which meant that I had one hour a week to look at the production side of theatre, something that I didn’t have the opportunity to do in my drama lessons. It also was time to be creative and a break from my essay subjects, which is just one of the examples of how many opportunities and different extra-curricular things that you can do within RR6 that will also help you with your uni applications.