What Our Girls Say


Year 10, School Ambassador

Ricards Lodge High School is an amazing institution that has helped me to become a better student and person inside and outside of school.

I enjoy having the opportunity to learn new things and to have teachers who understand how to teach us content effectively.

I take part in one club every day after school. These clubs include; Ball Girls, The School Musical, Street Dance, Lyrical Dance and Netball. I love participating in extracurricular activities because it is a great way to build on your skills.

A typical day at Ricards starts at tutor time in the morning when we do a range of activities. Next, I make my way to my Period 1 and 2 lessons, followed by a 20-minute break where I socialise with my friends. I head to Periods 3 and 4, after which I have my 45-minute lunch break. Finally, I have my last lesson and participate in a club. 

In the future, I would like to study law or journalism because I love creative and analytical writing as well as being organised and knowing exactly what I need to do in order to reach a goal that has been set for me.