Examination Results 2016

GCSE/BTEC Examination Results Summer 2016 We are hugely proud of our GCSE and BTEC examination results for this summer. This is a testament to the hard work of our students and staff with the support of their families.

We are particularly delighted with our highest grades which stand at 28% for A*/A; with our A* to C grades at 82%. We would like to give a special mention to our highest achiever Isobel who achieved 10A* grades, one A grade and one double distinction, the highest grade possible for Further Maths.

Other top achievers include Sofia, Helena, Nidhika, Rio and Juliana. In total we have 16 of our students achieving 10 A*/A grades or more. Headteacher Alison Jerrard says;

“This is an excellent set of results for this academic year; all our students should feel proud of their achievements. We look forward to a large number of our students joining us at RR6, our joint Sixth Form with Rutlish School”.

Examination Results summer 2016 Key Measures

(Further details on school performance available here)

A Level and Equivalent BTEC Vocational Course:

A*A = 31%

A*B = 62%

A*C = 88%

A*E = 100%

GCSE Level and Equivalent BTEC Vocational Course:

Progress 8 measure = 0.39 (ranked 13th nationally for progress)

Attainment 8 measure = 54.6

(Ricards Lodge ranked 4th out of 55 similar schools nationally)

A*C in English and Mathematics = 67%

EBACC = 32%

Other measures:

5A*C including English and Mathematics = 66%

5A*C = 78%

Grades at A*C = 82%