Ricards Lodge really emboldens you to do at least one extra-curricular club to help you improve your confidence and help you fit in.

Ricards offer a lot of opportunities through a wide variety of clubs. They help you to find your interests - for example, I have joined dance club and I really enjoy it. From the large choice of different things to do, you’ll always be involved in something.

When I first joined Ricards, I didn’t know anyone but I didn’t feel unsure or confused as they explained everything clearly to me. They also provided a lot of support, such as the junior leadership and the youth that care teams, which are always willing to take the time to sort out any issues you have.

In all of my lessons, the teachers always pushed me to the best of my ability to make sure I got the highest possible grade in that subject.

When I was first tried to find my way around the building just like everyone else, I did get a bit lost. But I didn’t feel worried about asking someone as all the teachers and other students looked very welcoming and glad to help.

At the start of November, Year sevens were fortunate enough to go on a PGL trip which was lots of fun and really strengthened the bond between my friends. It also opened me up to new and different things I had never tried before. The trip was very exciting and definitely memorable.