GCSE Art and Design

Syllabus Title: GCSE Art & Design

Exam Board: EDEXCEL                  

The course teaches you a wide range of practical and creative techniques and skills.  You will have two years to fully develop your artistic and creative side!  You will learn about and study in detail the Art of different times and cultures, and be able to respond with your own ideas to projects that are set by your teacher and by the exam board.

*Students choosing Art and Design can not also choose Art Textiles


You will study Art and Design for 5 periods over a 2 week timetable.

Course content includes:

  • Critical Theory - independent research and analysis
  • 2 major projects -  students work independently towards a chosen theme, and compile a working journal of supporting sketches, written notes and research, ideas and media experiments.
  • 2D drawing and painting
  • 3D sculptural work.

During the course you will be introduced to a broad range of art skills, media, materials and processes.  These could include 3D work in papier mache or clay, digital photography and image manipulation, print making or painting and drawing with different media.  At the end of the two year course these coursework units are assessed as your coursework grade (60% maximum available). 

The final 40% comes from the examination in Year 11.


Every teacher will tell you “a lot!”  Also, because Art & Design is a practical subject, and is about you   developing your own ideas, you will need to spend lots of your own time working on your projects.  We   expect a minimum of 2 hours of homework, although most students do much more.  There is also a lot of written work involved where you have to write about your own work and  analyse the work of selected artists.


Work completed during studio based lessons, independently in work journals (sketchbooks) and through personal projects combine to form your coursework (60% of overall mark). 

In the final year, candidates work on a set examination theme for eight weeks, culminating in a 10 hour practical examination. This, accompanied by a work journal or two is worth a maximum total of 40%.


You can go on to study A Levels in Art & Design or Level 3 BTEC Photography. We offer these courses in the Sixth Form.  At age 18 you can then progress onto Foundation/Degree in Art & Design, Fine Art, Design    Technology, History of Art, Advertising, Digital Arts, Animation.

Mr Rainsford (Head of Department)