GCSE Triple or “Separate” Sciences (9-1)

J257, J258 & J259

Students taking this course will result in three GCSE grades.

GCSE Biology A (9-1) OCR 21st Century Science: Specification J257

GCSE Chemistry A (9-1) OCR 21st Century Science: Specification J258

GCSE Physics A (9-1) OCR 21st Century Science: Specification J259

For Triple Science, practical work is embedded in all the topics, and is a large part of understanding the content. All practical skills (PAGs) will be assessed on the final exams.

GCSE Triple or “Separate” Sciences Detail: each individual GCSE in Biology; Chemistry and Physics are available as Higher ( 9 to 4) and also Foundation (5 to 1), however, all students entered onto Triple Science at Ricards would be expected to be able to achieve on the Higher qualification.

Biology: Two written papers of 1 hour 45 minutes each, totalling 50% of the final grade.

• Chapter B1: You and your genes         

• Chapter B2: Keeping healthy                

• Chapter B3: Living together – food and ecosystems     

• Chapter B4: Using food and controlling growth

• Chapter B5: The human body – staying alive

• Chapter B6: Life on Earth – past, present and future                                             

Chemistry: Two written papers of 1 hour 45 minutes each, totalling 50% of the final grade.

• Chapter C1: Air and water                      

• Chapter C2: Chemical patterns               

• Chapter C3: Chemicals of the natural environment      

• Chapter C4: Material choices

• Chapter C5: Chemical analysis                                            

• Chapter C6: Making useful chemicals

Physics: Two written papers of 1 hour 45 minutes each, totalling 50% of the final grade.

• Chapter P1: Radiation and waves                

• Chapter P2: Sustainable energy                  

• Chapter P3: Electric circuits

• Chapter P4: Explaining motion  

• Chapter P5: Radioactive materials                       

• Chapter P6: Matter – models and explanations

Each of the papers will also assess ‘Ideas about Science’ and ‘Practical Skills’—PAGs—that the students have carried out over the 2 year course.

The pace of the course is very fast and a large amount of material is covered every lesson. Students are expected to carry out independent study every week and to dedicate themselves to the work that is being covered; for this reason the entry requirement for the course is demanding.

Triple Science will benefit those students wishing to pursue Higher Education courses within medicine, pharmacy, veterinary studies amongst many other choices. GCSE Biology, Physics and Chemistry provides the opportunity to further develop understanding of scientific explanations, how science works, and aspects of biology relevant to careers in Science.

GCSE Triple Science provides distinctive and relevant experience for learners who wish to progress to Level 3 qualifications, such as A-level Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Level 3 BTEC Applied Science which are available in RR6.

Mr Malik (Head of Department)