What Our Girls Say


Year 11, Co-Head Girl

Hello, my name is Gaya and I am very honoured to say that I am a Co-Head Girl alongside Monet and be representing the school. 

The Junior Leadership Team is an excellent space for me to be able to share my thoughts alongside my fellow peers. The JLT stresses the importance of leadership through the involvement of community services; that is something that we at Ricards are definitely passionate about!

At Ricards Lodge, each and every single pupil makes up the school as a whole and are given the confidence to not only share our vision but to be able to take action, raise awareness and talk about our experiences.  

Some of the leadership skills I hope to develop even further through this opportunity include excellent communication skills, exceptional projection skills, a sense of empathy, and most importantly the ability to inspire others because the former JLT members are who inspired and encouraged me to become a Head Girl. 

With all my heart, I strive to focus on people. Just like the best team players, I would like to put most of my energy and time into helping others become more successful, build strong connections, as well as into providing them with the resources they may need in every sphere of life. I strongly believe that success is not found when you are happy, but when you can see the happiness on others' faces once you have done something positive to help them.

Thank you.