What Our Girls Say


Year 10, Ambassador

Hi, my name is Harini and I have just started Year 10, and truthfully I am quite nervous about delving into the world of KS4 and GCSEs.

When I first joined Ricards in Year 7, I remember being very worried about starting high school as it meant more responsibility over my own learning, but through the help of my family, friends and, of course, the wonderful teachers, I was able to achieve my potential. 

Throughout Key Stage 3, I was involved in many extra-curricular activities during lunch and after school. Though I was very busy, it was fun to do something outside my normal school hours. I became one of the Digital Leaders, which helped me improve more of my skills as well as help others with theirs. 

As well as clubs, there are many opportunities to try new things within the lessons. For example, dance, which is one of my favourite subjects as it was a lesson where I could let loose and have fun. On top of this, these lessons made me realise the many ways in which a sport or a physical activity could be taken further and helps in your studies. Eventually, this led me to pick Dance as one of my options for my GCSEs.