What Our Girls Say


Year 11, Deputy Head Girl

Hello, I am Holly and I am one of the Deputy Head Girls working in our school’s Junior Leadership Team.

Coming to Ricards, I could have never expected to have such a wonderful secondary school experience where I have developed into the person I am today, with the help of teachers and students alike. My main hobby is dance and a large number of extracurricular activiteis have allowed me to explore different styles. This has in turn given me many opportunities, such as dancing at Sadlers Wells Theatre.

I have also attended sports clubs such as netball and trampolining. Any girl coming to our school should be confident that they can find a club that they are interested in, to expand their skills and make new friends.

Ricards is a very inclusive environment and I have always felt respected my teachers. From LGBTQ+ club to the celebration of powerful women, Ricards Lodge ensures that everyone feels confident to be whoever they want to be and strive to achieve.

Becoming a part of the Junior Leadership Team at Ricards is an honour, where I have been able to communicate the views and ideas from our student body. There is mutual respect at Ricards where students and teachers are able to express how they think our school can be improved. They are then able to work together to make it a safe and prosperous space for everyone.