What Our Girls Say


Year 11, Deputy Head Girl

I am proud to say that I work alongside Nathalie as a Deputy Head Girl here at Ricards, representing the school and being a voice for our students.

The role of the Junior Leadership Team is one of great significance, it’s invaluable and a central part of what makes Ricards Lodge such an amazing school to attend. As an extension of the Senior Leadership team, we represent the important voices of all the students at our school. 

Being part of the JLT has allowed me to understand that the priority of a leader is to fully immerse oneself into the values and movements of our community. Over the last four years I have spent at Ricards Lodge, I have come to understand many things including responsibility, hard work, commitment, leadership and confidence. Being a member of the Ricards community allows students like myself to strive in roles that allow us to put forward our views and to flourish with our talents. 

Ricards Lodge is an amazing place that allows students to be independent, resourceful and creative. In addition to our many student voice platforms, we are provided with a range of extracurricular activities, from Art to PE to Drama, allowing all students to find a safe place to explore their interests.

I believe that being a JLT member is a great opportunity and a learning experience like no other. With the experience I’ve had helping with various events here at Ricards, I have shown my diligence, and I am honoured to continue to strive as part of the Junior Leadership Team.