KS4 Level 1 PSD (Personal and Social Development)(Year11)

NOTE—this course is only available for students who receive additional support in our Cedar Base.

Syllabus Title: Edexcel Level 1 Award and Certificate in Personal and Social Development (QCF)

Exam Board: EDEXCEL

Exam: There is no exam at the end of this course as all assessment is completed as coursework.

The Edexcel BTEC Level 1 qualification in PSD has been developed to give students the opportunity to:

  • obtain the knowledge, practical skills and techniques needed for work preparation, personal and social development.

gain the confidence and self-esteem they need to progress to independent living, employment or further education.

Course Content:

In achieving a BTEC Level 1 PSD qualification, you will study a number of units.

Each unit has been assigned an appropriate number of credits (e.g. – Working Towards Goals 2 credits, Dealing with Problems in Daily Life 2 credits, Developing Self 2 credits, Managing Social Relationships 2 credits, Preparation for Work 2 credits,  Healthy Lifestyles 1 credit, Managing Personal Risk 1credit)

To be awarded the Edexcel BTEC Certificate in Personal Social Development  (Level1) you must achieve a minimum of 13 credits.


All units within these qualifications are internally assessed. The qualifications are criterion referenced, based on the achievement of all the specified learning outcomes.

To achieve a ‘pass’ a student must have successfully passed all the assessment criteria.

A variety of assessment methods is used, including assignments, tasks, short tests, case studies and work-based assessments, along with projects and performance observation. Practical application of the assessment criteria in a realistic scenario should be emphasised and maximum use made of practical work.

There are lots of opportunities for speaking and listening, discussions, problem solving and role plays plus using your IT skills.

Mrs Bloom
Mrs Albert