What Our Girls Say


Year 11, Assistant Head Girl

Ricards Lodge is a school that is inclusive, diverse and very welcoming.

When I first came to Ricards, I was nervous and didn't know what goals I wanted to achieve or who I was. The staff, students and curriculum helped prepare me and gave me more confidence to put myself out there and experience new and exciting things. I've participated in Model UN and attended WE Day, which brought out my passion for youth activism and environmental change. I'm also very proud of the events I've participated in with the Drama and Music departments like Rock Assembly 2018, partnering with King's College School, and the end of year school musical. 

When I put on my purple uniform, I represent a school full of thriving, innovative pupils which encourages me to work hard and achieve my full potential. We all want that safe place where we feel listened to and appreciated, and Ricards Lodge is that place. Although this last year has been tough, our priority has been, and will always be, keeping the pupils motivated and comfortable. Our school community is full of lifelong friends, supportive staff and such exciting opportunities. I can confidently say that this school has challenged me and made me strive to be a 'successful woman of the future'. 

Every year as I see new students arrive and old students go, I'm amazed at the pride they take in upholding our school values: Trust, Equality, Resilience and Aspiration. No matter what is thrown at us, we persevere and in the process, learn transferable skills that are invaluable for whatever comes next. 

I'm so proud to be an Assistant Head Girl here and although my time at Ricards is coming to an end, I hope I can use the responsibility I've been given to set a good example to my peers and be a role model.