What Our Girls Say


Year 11, Junior Leadership Team

It is a great privilege that I am able to discuss and share views of my school community and be the voice of many, I am extremely excited to be working with my fellow JLT peers and see the great impacts and achievements of our goals in the upcoming year. s. 

On my first day of Year 7, I remember hearing the speech of the Head Girl, and how inspired I was by what she exclaimed to my small, nervous self. Ever since that very day, I remember telling myself, one day, I want to be just like her, I want to be that person inspiring others, to create change and have a positive impact on individuals' lives. 

Being part of the JLT is important to me because I want to be able to shape a stronger school community and empower students. I want to motivate all students to work together, to achieve a shared goal, to always be resilient despite whatever they may face throughout their school journey.

Throughout my time at Ricards Lodge, one role I have been able to immerse myself in is being a Cultural Ambassador. I am proud to be able to celebrate diversity and inclusion at RLHS.

Another valuable position is as a member of the School Council and POP, I have been able to further develop skills such as confidence, communication and negotiation. 

Over the course of these years, engaging in the numerous different roles Ricards Lodge offers, I have developed core skills such as being open-minded, and collaborative which link to my desire to share and understand the broad range of views of all students.