What Our Girls Say


Year 10, School Ambassador

I joined Ricards Lodge as a mid-year student during Year 9. But there was never a moment I felt that way. The teachers and my classmates made me feel very welcome. There is always someone I can talk to, whether it is about an academic concern or for advice. 

Ricards Lodge has opened up many opportunities, which I am taking advantage of, to learn and improve my abilities. It also has a wide variety of clubs, for students of different interests.

Joining the music and debate clubs is helping me develop my skills further. I am happy to be an Environment Rep of Ricards Lodge, where I help to keep our school environment clean and safe. I thank Ricards Lodge for this opportunity to do my part to keep our planet Earth clean.

For my GCSEs, I have chosen to study Music, Computer Science and Geography as optional subjects along with the main subjects. Going further I would like to study and pursue a career in medicine. Ricards Lodge has helped me identify my interests and passion to decide on what I want to do to flourish in my pathway.